The logistical capabilities of Mainland Shipping allow us to handle shipments of any size by sea, in and out of any port in Maldives. We offer you services starting from warehousing your goods to packaging, supervising them carefully at all stages on the export process. All necessary documentation is prepared for you based on international best practice and with a special emphasis on destination port regulations to provide you with the most convenient and swift cargo clearance process. Detailing a few services:

State Agency Representation

    MLS acts as Port Agents, representing the ship’s owner (the Principal) in port, like:

  • Coordinating the vessel arrival and departure to/from any custom port, and arranging for the pilot and tug boat services
  • Providing information to the local immigration authorities about the crew or any passengers
  • Over-seas that the ship’s documentation complies with international regulations as well the local governing regulations prior to arrival at Any Custom Port in the Maldives
  • Preparing quarantine pre-arrival report (QPAR) which provides details on the crew, Notifying Customs of the ship’s arrival and complete all required cargo manifests etc based on the cargo on board
  • Logistics involved with provisions and fuel
  • Providing the stevedores and ship planners, based on the Voyage rotation in the Maldives
  • Liaising with stevedores and terminal operators regarding the safety of the vessel and crew during the cargo operations
  • Attending to ship services including repairs and maintenance
  • Organizing crew changes, any associated immigration documentation and arrangements such as booking flights and payments to the crew
Protective Agents

    MLS serves as Protective agents responsible for specific areas of authority by their clients who desire to have their interest governed locally, in real time. This service help owners and operators supervise the charterers’ agency function and monitor port call operations, undertaking responsibilities expressed specifically by their principal. The Protective Agent may serve as an advisor to their principal or act directly on their principal’s behalf in directing various elements of the port call, including the movements of the vessel and instructions to the Master, such as:

  • Checking preform D/A submitted by the head agent for compliance with applicable tariffs
  • Receipt of owners’ funds and payment to head agents
  • Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as require
  • Signing Bills of Lading
Crew Repatriation
  • MLS works with its clients to ensure crew transfers (including accommodation and ticketing for journey onward) and shore leave. Flexibility of change in crew members and workers are provided by us instantly and without any delay on the vessel voyage plan. Besides, we also provide medical and legal services
  • MLS could handle any Sign On / Sign Off from any custom port within a short notice at any given time. We extend a comprehensive service, meet and greet at airport, hotel reservations, air tickets, etc. visa regulations, transportation, hotel reservation, or other related immigration services
  • Costs and expenses of repatriating the member of the Crew and his personal effects, or sending home an urn of ashes or coffin and personal effects in the case of death
Complete Ship Chandelling Services

    Mainland Shipping is specialized in sourcing and supplies any ship store item, with a short notice from the owner. We arrange and manage Ship Chandelling Services for ships all around Maldives.

General Ship Husbandry

    MLS provides a professional ship husbandry service on a timely basis and viable by all standards. With our excellent relations with the port, Customs, Immigrations and other regulatory authorities, Mainland Shipping’s well trained staff are able to coordinate and deliver in good time, husbandry services in the areas of:

  • Delivery of spares parts after customs clearance/forwarding (Import & Export)
  • Liaison with local authorities (Immigration, customs, sea ports & airports authorities for personnel onshore & off-shore movements)
  • Port Supplies (Bunkering and lubricant supply, fresh-water supply)
  • Underwater Services (Diving inspection, repairs, cleaning of ship hull, chest etc.)
  • Ship & Marine Survey (Lashing, cargo, bunker survey, etc.)
  • Ship Garbage removal (General waste, hazardous waste, sludge)
Clearance and Delivery of Ship Spares

    We are one of the leading providers of ship spares logistic services to vessel owners and vessel managers, supported with expert personnel. Our services include:

  • Timely airport/seaport clearance
  • Door-to-Deck delivery service with guaranteed services
  • On time and cost effective delivery of spares and equipment
Cash to Master (CTM)

    We offer Cash to Masters Deliverables in US dollars

  • We also offer exchange service with very low commissions
  • All of our CTM deliveries are proposed in a simplistic manner, a highly qualitative service with on-time deliveries convenient to the vessel voyage plan
  • Our charges make us a cost-efficient provider of such services
Bunkering Services

    MLS extends comprehensive bunker services throughout Maldives. We are adept to supply bunker to all Atolls/regions within 24 hours of notification. We follow the protocol of saving and preserving the marine ecosystem by minimising and not wasting even a single drop of fuel and take necessary precautions while providing marine bunkering services, both at sea and at ports.

Marine Insurance
  • We have the support of leading underwriters in Maldives to assist any insurance required by Owners or Charterers, which can handle all your insurance requirements. We can obtain the most competitive premiums with the best cover
  • Our Marine Specialty Risks unit will help you understand the risks specific to your business, and how to protect yourself. And if things go wrong our proactive claims management will help you get back to business