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The Maldives is blessed with beauty and the riches of the sea, rather than natural resources. In fact, 99% of its territory consists of water. Hence it is not surprising that tourism and fishing are the major industries of the country. Agriculture is practised only on a limited scale, since the land is not very fertile. The essentials and consumer goods are not manufactured because of the lack of resources. Almost everything required for day to day living has to be imported.

It has few roads and no railway, but possesses a developing capacity for shipping and freight. The principal port and small commercial harbour is situated in the capital of Male, and handles all types of cargo except dry bulk, liquefied petroleum and gases. Additionally, the islands have two international airports – Gan International Airport and Ibrahim Nasir International Airport – alongside seven domestic airports. Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, also based in Male, is the main hub for international air freight.

Kuludhufushi Port & Hithadhoo Port are some of the customs ports of Maldives. The Kuludhufushi Port is a new harbour area in the extreme NW of Male’ It is used to load and unload foreign trade cargo vessels with drafts of 9.5 meters and LOA of 150 meters. The harbour area also incorporates a marina. Hithadhoo Port is situated in Hithadhoo which is the second largest island in the Maldives and. is a district of Addu City. Its main business is to provide harbour facilities, storage, supplies and repair and maintenance services to ships and other ocean going vessels. Thilafushi and the other berths are private port facilities. These are some of the neighbouring ports with which Maldives is doing brisk business.


Mainland Shipping is committed to provide top quality services designed to meet or even surpass the needs and expectation of the stakeholders and seafarers. Our Quality Management involves a process oriented approach with persistent efforts in improving quality, cost and delivery.


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